Our main goal is to make the best music we can create.
We will tailor make this composition to your requirements.
Using high end musical acoustic and virtual instruments to create the sound you need.

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We have considerable experience in writing arrangements for many styles, we'll write you an arrangement for your original song or write for a piece that already exists using notation software.  



You have an idea for a song and don't know how to make it sound like your favorite artist?

We'll shape your musical ideas to a high end product and deliver a world wide standard quality.



Mixing is the glue that holds every great song together.
Concentrating on each individual track with levels, processing, panning and effects
This is a crucial stage that brings your mix to life and sets your song at a level of professionalism that stands up to the industry giants.



Looking for a specific sound?
Not sure what type of music or genre is right for your project?
We'll use our experience to make sure your project sound the way you want it. 

We'll get your vision, and bring you options.

All you have to do is choose your favorite.

Sound equipment

Meet The Team

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Chen Freedberg

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Bass player, singer, producer and composer

Shalev's Image.jpg

Shalev Grados

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Conductor, guitar player, composer and producer

Ran's Image.jpg

Ran Zehavi

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 Keyboard player, composer, sound engineer and producer